3X3 World Cup: Les Bleus qualified for the round of 16

After a first day concluded with a victory and a defeat, the French men’s team today faced Serbia, seeded number 1, and Puerto Rico to qualify for the final phase.

France led their day with the most complicated match of their group against Serbia and finally lost 22-15. The Blues have never really had the opportunity to worry about the number one seed of the tournament. Serbia quickly took control of the match and Léo Cavalière’s teammates were never able to return to the game, in particular because of a fleeting external address since the French scored only one winning attempt out of 12 attempts. The Serbs were able to take advantage of their physical superiority to drive the blues into the racket by shooting 13/15 on 1-point attempts, while causing a lot of fouls.

For the second match of the day, the France team played its qualification against Puerto Rico. The Blues managed to obtain qualification in a controlled match, by offering a strong defense to their opponent. Even if the address was not completely there at the start of the meeting, the French team was able to bide its time and quickly created a sufficient gap to take shelter. Franck Seguela was able to lead the way by scoring the first three points for the French team before Antoine Eito, the game’s leading scorer with nine points, took over to finish the game.

The France team will face this Saturday, the nation that will finish in third place in Group D, made up of Belgium, Austria, Slovenia, Egypt and the United States.

Serbia b. France: 22-15

France B. Puerto Rico: 21-14

Photo: Antoine Eito (FIBA)

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