50 years later, the legacy of the World Hockey Association designated in Quebec

AMH. C’était la plus le fun“,”text”:”Si une ville doit tenir ça, c’est nous. Québec, c’était la ville de l’AMH. C’était la plus le fun”}}”>If any city should hold this, it’s us. Quebec was the city ofAMH. It was the most funlaunches the president of the National Capital Sports History Society, Marc Durand.

Surrounded by a few collaborators, the latter had invited the media, Wednesday morning, to announce the celebrations carried out from September 30 to October 2. An event during which the public will be invited to come and meet the former stars of the cursed circuit in the context of conferences and autograph sessions. Artifacts from the Hockey Hall of Fame, including the Avco Cup won by the Nordiques in 1977, also make the trip to Quebec.

All under the impetus of a citizen organizing committee who could only conceive of the 50th anniversary of theAMH and the birth of the Nordics under silence.

The legacy of cursed circuit

It must be said that in the fall of 1972, when it launched its activities, theAMH really shook the National Hockey League, threatening its monopoly on the hockey world. Attracted by generous contracts, around sixty players from the NHLwhose stars Bobby Hull, Jean-Claude Tremblay and Gerry Cheevers had decided to make the jump to the new circuit.

Marc Tardif after the Nordics won the Avco Cup in 1977

Photo: Quebec City Archives / Le Soleil Fund / André Boucher / All rights reserved

The World Hockey Association lasted only seven seasons, but it had such a significant impact on hockey history. The players got better salaries. We opened the door to European playersexplains author and historian Benoît Clairoux.

Not to mention the incredible stories that marked theAMH between its creation and the merger with the NHL which allowed Quebec, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Hartford to join the big league. The World Hockey Association has seen no less than 28 teams in seven years, some moving or going bankrupt during the season.

The birth of the Nordics

Honorary President of the celebrations, the former Nordic François Lacombe remembers with nostalgia the beginnings of the Fleurdelysés and the fever that had taken over the city.

Quebec was really deposited. People loved us and it continued. We were going to do our shopping and people were following us to see what we were eatinglaughingly recounts the man who scored the first goal in Nordiques history.

A whole bunchaccording to the principal concerned, who had foiled the goalkeeper of the Lubricators of Alberta, Dave Dryden, en route to a 6-0 win.

If he is sorry that Quebec is still without a team from the NHL, Lacombe is already delighted to be reunited with several former teammates and adversaries next fall at the gala at the Château Frontenac. An evening for which the public will be able to buy tables and during which the menu will be modeled on that of the banquet of the star game of theAMH held at the Château Frontenac in 1973.

1973, mais ça va être plaisant”,”text”:”Moi, je ne me souviens pas de ce qu’on a mangé en1973, mais ça va être plaisant”}}”>Me, I don’t remember what we ate in 1973, but it’s going to be funfinished François Lacombe.

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