5th place at stake, the failure of Algerian handball

Ranking match Algeria – Guinea for 5/6th place at 2:30 p.m. DZ time, 3:30 p.m. French time

Anyway, this 25th edition of the African Nations Championship in Egypt is a failure, it confirms the nothingness of our ability to put in place a sports policy, a medium and long term project, for our different selections national handball courts, with a responsibility shared between the FAHB, the wilaya and regional leagues and the clubs, under the deafening silence of the supervisory authorities.

It is with great regret that we have to present this classification match for 5th place as the most important of this AFCON for our team, with the current situation, which we have mentioned several times in our previous articles, we would have liked tell you about the final, a possible final Egypt – Algeria, because the table was favorable to us, with the toughest opponent, Morocco in 1/4, but for that, you had to be ready, and above all not to lose the first meeting against Guinea, the reality on the ground leaves no room for feelings, only seriousness, rigor and hard work are rewarded.

This 5th African place is synonymous with participation in the World Cup which will be co-organized in Sweden and Poland in January 2023, it will also see the 5th of the CAN in Group G, along with Germany, Serbia and Qatar, where the top three qualify for the main round consisting of 24 teams

For that, it will be necessary to beat the Guinea team, which won the first meeting 28-22, for what is the greatest humiliation of Algerian handball, it is the result of the different federations and directorates for at least 20 years , the players are the victims of leaders, who clearly are not up to expectations, not up to the requirements of the high continental level at first, and then world.

With the absences and injuries of the last minutes, the players managed to overcome the obstacle of the DR Congo, which we presented before the CAN as a “Sleeping Giant” with its great potential of players present in France, with bi- nationals and elders passed by the different teams of France!

Victory in the penalty shootout allows players to still hope to achieve the objective announced before the competition, that of qualifying for the World Cup, i.e. in the top 5, knowing that the world championship is played at 32, against 24 until 2019, the number of places for Africa has therefore increased from 3 to 5.

A qualification for the World Cup would be a great reward for the athletes, delivered to them for a long time, the players sacrificed themselves for the Mediterranean Games and the CAN, Messaoud Berkous, injured, had a big match against Congo with 10 goals, ditto for Mokhtar Kouri and his 9 goals, the team achieved its best performance during this game, we will have to maintain the same state of mind so as not to be surprised once again by Guinea, who have every intention of to qualify for the World Cup for the first time in its history, which would be a big sensation and a great reward for its players, playing in the lower divisions of the French championships, and its coach, the Frenchman Kevin Decaux, who has done a long upstream work, starting with the Girls before doing the same thing with the Boys.

A qualification for athletes, if this is the case, we all hope, this should not hide the shortcomings of our leaders, who themselves could not be congratulated, especially since nothing can lead us to believe in a questioning, a real awareness, a real change for the interest of the discipline, once the pride of all Algerians, we will only say “Objective achieved, we have 6 months to prepare”!

As a reminder, Algeria took 4th place in the 2016 AFCON in Cairo for not participating in the 2017 World Cup and 6th place in 2018, for a second absence from the world championship in a row, like what, the evil is deep.

While we do not know the date of resumption of the championship, nor the relegated, because the majority of clubs refused to play the Plays-Downs…

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