6 cadors on Nicolas Batum, a favorite already emerges!

On the market in a few weeks in the role of a free agent, Nicolas Batum will have the choice to sign where he wants at the opening of the market. Several franchises have already planned to woo the Frenchman, who should therefore have no trouble finding his new team. However, according to Chris Haynes, the future of Batman is already known.

After a few good seasons with the Clippers, we can say that Nicolas Batum has completely revived in the NBA. Market interest wasn’t great when he left the Hornets, but with his experience and overall on-court input, Batman showed he was still well on his way. Problem for his team? The Frenchman decided to decline his player option, making him a free agent in early July.

Nicolas Batum fixed on his future!

Technically, this means that Batum can sign wherever he wants, and talk to any team in the league. Chris Haynes has already set the trend, with 6 franchises wanting to welcome the Frenchman, including the Clippers. The winger should also be faithful, barring an accident, since we are going on a contract extension under the leadership of Tyronn Lue.

Clippers winger Nicolas Batum is expected to receive interest from the Lakers, Jazz, Suns, Celtics and Bulls during free agency, but is expected to re-sign to a two-year contract.

Because unsurprisingly, the Clippers are also to be added to this list. No question for the Californian franchise to let the Frenchman slip away, who is clearly not insensitive to the idea of ​​​​staying in the City of Angels. To tell the truth, and still according to Haynes, this is even what should happen. The Clippers are the favorites to retain number 33, who has always enjoyed playing alongside Kawhi Leonard and company.

No more information for now, but Batum should gain some stability, with a two-year contract at the end.

The Lakers want everyone 😂

Lets GOOO it’s a Clipper for life

The Clippers fanbase adores Nicolas Batum, and we have to believe that it is mutual. Despite significant interest among the leaders, everything suggests that the Frenchman will continue his adventure a little longer in Los Angeles, with Tyronn Lue. Watch out for a surprise though.

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