A bucolic and fun experience, the Parc de Loire disc-golf course, near Orléans, is worth the detour!

It is an astonishing novelty which is revealed at the bend of a redeveloped path between Charlemagne Island and the Island Wood Trail, in Saint-Denis-en-Val… A stone’s throw from the Ballastières rest area, a nine-hole disc golf course has been open for free since last month, in the heart of the Parc de Loire. Between a game of skill with great potential for conviviality and a walk in a preserved natural setting, we have tested this flourishing summer activity for you!

Some equipment required

The course is open to all and free, but to play, the only obligation is to go there. with own equipment. If the plastic Frisbees you use at the beach can be used to start, it is better to equip yourself specific discsbetter able to resist shocks with tree trunks or other natural obstacles that you will come across on your route (Guillaumé Guérin, of the Fly Disc’R, recommends the site www.hole19.fr to equip yourself).

On the equipment side, also favor closed shoesas some areas of the course are dotted with tall, not always friendly grass.

Simple rules

The the rules of the game are similar to golf : the players, in small groups, take turns starting from the first hole; whoever comes furthest from the inbox raises first; the goal is to complete each hole in as few throws as possible. the by (the score to be reached) over the total of nine holes is 27. “The course record is currently -3”, reveals Guillaume Guérin, licensed at the Orleans club Fly Disc’R, crossed on the spot. Very far from our +17 achieved on the day of the test!

An unusual nature experience

For a three-player game, the entire course was swallowed up in two o’clockfor a total ofone kilometer walk. The setting, in the heart of the Parc de Loire, between fallow fields and undergrowth, offers a frankly appreciable parenthesis just a stone’s throw from Orléans. It should also be noted that the discipline is accessible to the youngest (thanks in particular to the advanced starting areas for beginners). In short, on validate the experience!

Jerome Couton Coudray


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