a firefighter dies in a diving accident at Bassussarry golf course

He was found in cardio-respiratory arrest by his colleagues from the on-call diving team. Despite numerous attempts at resuscitation, the SMUR doctor was unable to confirm the death of the victim.

The circumstances of the tragedy remain to be clarified. The accident took place on a body of water in the golf course, but it is not known in what context the firefighter was able to intervene. A preliminary investigation was opened by the Bayonne prosecutor’s office and assigned to the gendarmerie.

Several hearings are carried out, some witnesses were heard from Friday afternoon. An autopsy was also ordered by the Bayonne prosecutor’s office. The body will be examined by the Bordeaux forensic unit.

The 50-year-old practiced diving for leisure, but he is also a diver as part of his professional firefighter activity.

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