a first tournament won by Jeanne

This Sunday, at the Poulpry sports complex, the first TMC (multi chance tournament) organized by the Bénodet tennis club was held, for women aged 4e series. The weather was bad and the matches took place only indoors, while the club’s volunteers were present on Friday evening to update the outdoor pitches. But what is certain is that we will do it again next year,” explained Estelle Houdoyer, president of the club.

This tournament was won by Jeanne Lazennec, a member of the club, against Sylvie de Bayeux.

For this first edition, this so-called TMC tournament was supervised by referee Philippe Cochard. About ten people were registered, which is not bad because some tournaments had to be canceled for lack of participants. said the experienced referee. He will also be present during the big summer tournament, from August 17 to 27. Registrations are already possible on the Ten’Up website.

Benodet. Tennis: a first tournament won by Jeanne

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