A golf club in the Quebec region cowardly vandalized

Photo by Lorette Golf Club

You have the choice to help your neighbour, to show generosity. You also have the option of waiting until nightfall and going to a golf course and wantonly vandalizing the green of a golf course.

This is what unfortunately happened at the Lorette golf club, in the Quebec region.

Thugs cowardly waited for night to fall, then installed a tire on the green of a hole. They then set the tire on fire, which damaged the green. They have therefore undermined the almost annual efforts of golf course employees to offer their customers a course in the best possible condition.

These employees quickly cut the damaged part of the grass so as not to screw up the entire green.

Let’s share this and prove that those who vandalized the lot are having the same kind of days as those who discovered the burnt tire on Sunday morning.

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