A great solidarity action in golf

Serbannes. Solidarity action in golf. Very recently, and for the first day of the Grande Semaine du Golf, 85 players came to support the solidarity action decided by the Lions-Club of Vichy Doyen.

The Montpensier golf course and its 18 holes therefore served as the setting for this charitable operation.

After two years of absence due to Covid-19, a few “lions” from Vichy have therefore reinvested in the good cause.

Many quality prizes came to reward the first of the three series.

Several participants are ready for a new edition next year.

It is therefore for the benefit of research on childhood cancer that the fundraiser will use its funds collected this day. The club also provides assistance to some families whose child is affected by this terrible disease, fortunately better and better controlled.

“Bravo to the researchers… Let’s help them,” concluded the organization in the closing speech.

Donations can be made to the “Lions-Club de Vichy Doyen”, 5, rue Roosevelt, 03200 Vichy.


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