A Lakers coach drops a fascinating statement on Kyrie Irving!

Kyrie Irving is a somewhat special character within the league, and often difficult to understand. A member of the coaching staff, however, lifted the lid on Uncle Drew, explaining why the Nets star is behaving the way he has for a while.

When it comes to communications, Brooklyn hit the jackpot with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. The first is known to be very acerbic on social networks, while the second is a follower of publications that are cryptic to say the least. Given that the point guard has been at the heart of the controversy throughout the season, the latter obviously only added fuel to the fire… which did not prevent the person concerned from persisting in the domain.

In general, the 2016 champion with the Cavs is not the type to express himself publicly much, and his last interview dates back to a while. Or, it’s not at all surprising according to Phil Handy, a renowned Lakers assistant coach. If the Purples and Golds do what they can to lure him into their nets, it’s also because they think they can understand him. During an interview with Brandon Robinson, Handy explained that the guard was no different from any other NBA star:

Phil Handy: “Kyrie is a bit like Kawhi Leonard”

Ky is one of those guys who is very private. He’s very private and his circle is very small and he’s not a guy who opens up a lot to people he doesn’t know. A little like Kawhi Leonard. Until you get to know Kyrie, you’re going to have a lot of speculation. He’s going to say things and some of them are going to amaze, but people may not understand what the context is behind it or where it’s coming from.

I always say that athletes, in general, are often in the spotlight and you hear audio clips or you can see or hear this or that, but people don’t really know the person they are. ‘It is. And so, until you get to know Kyrie, I tell people all the time that if you don’t know someone, you probably shouldn’t talk about them.

Clearly, we should stop judging Uncle Drew, who has been regularly singled out for his uneven performance as well as his refusal to vaccinate in 2021-22. The remark will certainly interest him, although‘it’s near put a big wind in LA. It must be said that the two men know each other well, and have even failed to work together on the side of the Nets. The close relationship they seem to have therefore does not come from nowhere:

Brandon Robinson also noted that Phil Handy was a candidate for the coaching job with the Nets, before Steve Nash was finally hired.

According to Phil Handy, Kyrie Irving would be quite similar to Kawhi Leonard, the Clippers winger being known to be discreet in terms of communication. But even if that were really to be the case, it will definitely take more than that for fans and watchers to stop falling for him.

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