A Lakers star finally ready to give up on the franchise?

The Lakers still have moves ahead of the resumption, with the possible trade of Russell Westbrook. We can hope for signatures with a few veterans, even if a track may be closing. A blow for Rob Pelinka, who was not due against a return to the Next weeks, before training camp.

We are still waiting for action between now and training camp for the franchises, with the possible trade of Kevin Durant, who hopes to discover his new team by the resumption. The Lakers themselves must manage the file Russell Westbrook, linked to Kyrie Irving, even if a happy ending seems more and more unlikely as the weeks go by. To this must be added the thorny issue linked to Carmelo Anthony.

Change of franchise for Carmelo Anthony?

Although weak defensively, the veteran still knows how to score, to the point that he was invaluable on multiple occasions with the Angelinos. The front office wants to bring him back, but nothing has materialized for the moment, probably because of the Westbrook file. The problem, according to Sam Amico, is that Melo has generated interest in another franchise: the Nuggets, who could outrank the Lakers in order to bring him back.

Speculation within the league is that the Nuggets may be inquiring in order to sign Carmelo Anthony.

A close return for Melo, within the Nuggets? The story would be great, and we imagine the fans are for it, knowing that Denver is fighting for the title in the West. The reactions even include Nikola Jokic, who is now the famous number 15:

Jokic will have to drop his number 15

I am for. It’s been long enough, and I can’t take it anymore lol, it would be cool if Melo retired with Denver

Fans could stop booing him for nothing

Carmelo Anthony back with the Nuggets? The idea is pleasant, even if no signature is guaranteed. We imagine that the Lakers will want to try to retain him, but the important thing is that the veteran should find a new team in the fall. A release for the former Knick.

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