A Lakers target is making the buzz with a simple emoji, the fans in fusion!

Weaned from real good news since the start of the offseason, the Lakers Nation is desperately awaiting the arrival of a big rookie to ignite. The recent tweet from a player targeted by the Angelinos was therefore enough to cause hasty conclusions!

Seeing their team’s season end before the start of the play-in, they probably did not expect to see such names land during free agency. Weighed down by a disastrous last season, Lakers fans were hoping for big reinforcements during the summer. Or, for the time being, the arrivals of Troy Brown Jr., Thomas Bryant, Damian Jones, Juan Toscano-Anderson and Lonnie Walker IV clearly do not meet their expectations. Only a few leads studied by the franchise allow them to remain optimistic.

Pat Beverley makes Lakers fans dream with an emoji

In addition to the Kyrie Irving file, which still remains undecided, the Angelinos were monitoring the situation of other leaders. Starting with that of Patrick Beverley, whose singular profile would be interested in another cador. Not very excited about the idea of ​​lingering in Utah, the pit bull recently reacted to news in connection with the Purple & Gold, namely… the date of the next Los Angeles derby, scheduled for October 20 according to Shams Charania:

At first glance, it is difficult to decipher this most concise tweet. As a former Clippers locker room executive, Pat Bev could be praying here for his core team to prevail against their big local rivals. The Lakers Nation has found a different interpretation, which suits it much more. Indeed, according to some Internet users, the guy would keep taking part in this meeting, and indeed alongside LeBron James and company!

Pat Bev will therefore play against his former team on October 20. I already hate

Pat Bev & Kyrie in LA, they might as well give us the trophy early in the season πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈπŸ˜­

It will therefore have sufficed with a cryptic sign of prayer for Patrick Beverley to be considered the future recruit of the Lakers by their supporters. Decidedly, the latter do not have much to put in their mouths to draw such conclusions!

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