A look at the four French people who are most likely to be chosen

“Let’s go children of the fatherland, the day of glory”…hasn’t arrived yet but could show up tomorrow for our young Frenchies. For the most valiant who will get up tomorrow night to watch the Draft 2022 live – with TrashTalk on YouTube in double screen, the base – there will be only one opportunity to sing the Marseillaise at the top of your lungs. Four French people have a good chance of being selected this year, so a little zoom on their profiles, their news in the fake drafts and during workouts D-1 of the fateful evening

Ousmane Dieng

Ousmane Dieng is the most promising player in this French draft class. The joker born in 2003 in the Lot-et-Garonne comes out of a very good season with the New Zealand Breakers in the Australian basketball league. Just out of the Pôle France, it took a long time to get started, but it ended the year on a high thanks to its consistency, which was gained day by day. What does it mean numerically? 8.9 points at 39.8% shooting, 3.1 rebounds and 1 assist for 20.4 minutes of play on average on the season. The Frenchie is a boy who has not yet reached his ceiling, he has enormous potential still hidden behind his weak points, especially versatility in defense. This unique winger profile with a very good to play and the very good fluidity despite its 2m08 high can be interested more than one franchise during this Draft 2022. Projected for more than a month at the Thunder in 12th position, its workouts in the different franchises are going well and the French take places. Some American media now see the Spurs landing in 9th place or even the Pelicans a place above.

Hugo Besson

Hugo Besson was Ousmane Dieng’s teammate for the NBL Breakers this season. The rear flew to Australia to gain exposure for the 2022 Draft after an excellent Pro B season with Saint-Quentin. Elected best young player of the season and finalist for the title of MVP 2020-21, the Var 2 position continues on its transmission in Oceania with 13.9 points, 4 rebounds and 2.3 assists for an average of 27.6 minutes of play on the season. Hugo is a born scorer and also a very good game leader. He often manages to put his teammates in very good shooting situations, a rather rewarding quality on a Basketball CV. After a very good Combined where he was able to display his full offensive palette, the back continues on his very good induced during his first training sessions in front of the franchises. Projected in April at the very end of the second round, the American media see him very well stalling in the top 40 of this Draft 2022, within a franchise in search of an already affirmed talent. Defensively, Hugo still has to hone his skills, but he already has a good package to rub shoulders with the NBA and bring straight. The Blazers would not be against getting him back, since they invited him to their last coaching alongside the other projected back in the top 20, Malaki Branham.

Ishmael Kamagate

The other French present at the last coaching of the Blazers is number 56, Ishmael Kamagate. Betclic Elite rookie this season with Paris Basketball, the Parisian by birth has represented his city very well this year with his title of Defender of the Year and his participation in the All-Star Game with Team France. With 11.8 points at 64.8% shooting, 6.3 rebounds, 0.7 assists and 1.5 blocks for 27.4 minutes of play on average on the season, the kid born in 2001 learned a lot before flying to the Zétazuni. Finally, he did not wait to take off. Specialist in aerial finishes and post play, his only goal is to make his defender dance. Ismaël has continued to progress during his three professional seasons, his apprenticeship in France has been more than successful. Now we have to see if he will continue on his return to the US, knowing that his role as a defender and finisher near the circle will undoubtedly be appreciated in the NBA. The pivot with gigantic arms – 2m21 wingspan – could well create a surprise by being selected at the end of the first round, even if for the moment the American media are announcing it more at the start of the second.

Moussa Diabate

Moussa Diabate is the Frenchman who already has the experience of the “The American Way of Life”. Leaving the Paris region at the age of 14 to join the most beautiful high schools in Florida, the boy made a name for himself in the world of university recruitment, until joining the emblematic program of the Wolverines of Michigan. Juwan Howard’s men’s season is complicated, but the French position 4 gains confidence throughout the season and will accumulate 9 points at 54.2% shooting, 6 rebounds and 0.8 assists for 24.9 minutes of play on average on his year first-year student. The thirteenth best prospect in the high school class of 2021 has managed to stand out in his own way thanks to his athleticism, his indecent posters and a very good finishing ability near the basket. Despite the fact that he still has trouble managing his physical commitment and therefore his faults, Moussa is promising and his statistics at the Combine have rather convinced. Many media believe that he might not be selected tomorrow evening, but the strong winger can very clearly create an upset at the end of the second round.

A lottery pick, even top 10 and potentially three players drafted in the second round: this is what the French cuvée 2022 can give to the draft this year. The youngsters are promising, flashy and full of various experiences in Australia, France or the NCAA. See you on the night of Thursday to Friday from 1 a.m. to see where our national pride will land.

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