A new cador is positioned on Rudy Gobert!

On the departure of Jazz, Rudy Gobert has seen his name mentioned everywhere for a few days. One conference franchise is particularly insistent, but other teams persist in inquiring into this soap opera. Among them ? A cador from the West, who wishes to associate the French with another pivot.

Still very good this season, even if he has not had collective success, Rudy Gobert knows that he must prepare for all scenarios in the coming weeks. A departure ? It is largely possible, since it is certain that the Frenchman arouses interest. On the other side, Utah does not close the door, provided that the consideration provided for Gobzilla is significant. The latter is even considered “astronomical” by a source, enough to cool some leaders.

However, the more the days pass, the more Rudy can imagine a departure. The rumors do not really calm down about the Frenchman, who must prepare for everything by the start of free agency, or even the evening of the draft. A journalist goes even further with his recent news: Gobert’s next destination is already known within the league. It just remains to be seen how the trade will unfold.

Heading West for Rudy Gobert?

But that’s certainly not going to stop a few teams from trying their luck on this soap opera. West ? A cador wants to try to recruit the Frenchman: the Wolves. Obviously there is no question of exchanging Karl-Anthony Towns, but rather of associating the two men in the future. A rather daring tactic on paper, especially since it will be difficult to convince the Jazz to give in.

The Timberwolves have shown interest in Rudy Gobert and Clint Capela to partner with Karl-Anthony Towns, according to Kevin O’Connor.

A real risk, with a KAT that would switch to position 4, a bit like Anthony Davis? Perhaps. It is in any case a strong sign from the leaders, who will have to send heavy in exchange. D’Angelo Russell? No doubt, the menu being over mentioned the departure after a relatively disappointing campaign. But as a surfer reminds us, unless you let go of Anthony Edwards, it is difficult to imagine a business.

I didn’t know Anthony Edwards was leaving. It’s the only way Minnesota can get a decent package for Rudy Gobert.

Rudy Gobert with the Wolves? The idea is interesting, but his agreement with Karl-Anthony Towns raises some questions. Also, can Minnesota really convince the Jazz? Without letting go of Anthony Edwards, who will never be part of the exchange, it seems difficult. But it is a franchise to follow more for the French.

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