A new duo at the presidency of Saint-Flour HB (Cantal)

No revolution despite everything with two young co-presidents who have also long since fallen into the pot of a queen sporting discipline in the Sanflorain basin.

Board of Directors.Within a new board of directors, the arrivals of Sabine Poinson, Nathalie Meyrial Lagrange, Valérie Royer, Carole Delair and the return of Alexis Sigoigne confirm the enthusiasm and desire to move forward a management team of 22 members with a majority of women.
Bernard Colle and Christian Gibelin do not leave the “house”. Their skills and experience will still be used to support the projects of an entire club. In their moral relationship, the steeple and family spirit remains the key word. The failure of the seniors in N1 has thus left no trace in view of a group that has never given up, bravely defending its colors.

What assessment for the Mallet-Seyt duo after five years at the head of US Saint-Flour (Cantal)?

The female sector, on the other hand, performed well with its senior teams, 17 and 15 years old. The season was also very active at the level of the leaders and educators who were totally invested.

Sports record. The club with 228 members, 105 boys for 123 girls, has 13 teams ranging from under 9 to seniors. The maintenance in N1 of the “one” female, the accession of the 2nd to the N3, the beautiful course of the “France” for the 17 year olds and the title of Aura Excellence champion for the 15 year olds underline an exceptional season. The only real false note at the level of senior men, the withdrawal of team 2 due to a lack of manpower.
Training. Major axis of the club, it is the result of a referent and qualified supervision. The sports section of Saint-Joseph brought together 49 children from 6th to 3rd. Those of the Haute Auvergne and Saint-Vincent high schools assessed 19 elements from 2nd to 12th grade.
The Easter, August, All Saints and winter holiday courses added to the extracurricular activity time and the end-of-year tournament brought together more than 500 young people.

Management. The season has also asked a lot at managerial level. About fifteen meetings were necessary to deal with current affairs. Four additional events were organised. A speaker thrills the audience. The shop run by the club and a partner has been very successful. She should be reappointed.

Finance. The very positive results of the 2020-2021 season have given room for manoeuvre. That concerning the current season could reveal a slight deficit without much consequence, however, given the good cash flow of the club. The provisional budget for the 2022-2023 season should provide for €310,000.

Objective. Maintenance is on the agenda for next season. The women of N1, reinforced by several recruits and returnees as well as those of N3 who have won their accession to the national level after a hard fight, are therefore once again setting themselves a big challenge. The N2 boys training will also have a huge challenge. Sébastien Modenel leaving for Vaulx-en-Velin is replaced by Cassandra Bonnet with Estelle Soulier as assistant. They are already working to found a united and competitive group. Among young people, the outlook is also good.

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Project. Wheelchair handball is, for Saint-Flour HB, a future project that is close to its heart. The club now launched in this adventure should thus be able to count on significant support. The idea is gaining ground and its realization will see the light of day in the coming autumn.


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