A new teammate arrives for Rudy Gobert at Wolves!

Recently arrived at Wolves, Rudy Gobert intends to give his maximum to try to win the title. The franchise of ambitions, and the fact of knowing with his latest signing on the market. A well-respected veteran, who could do some good off the bench. No doubt Rudy will appreciate it.

The Wolves have shown their ambitions in recent weeks, with the remarkable arrival of Rudy Gobert, while dropping 5 first draft rounds. It goes without saying that the leaders absolutely had to recover the Frenchman, who could allow Minnesota to take a step forward in this Western Conference. We will have to wait to find out, but the supporters are confident for the future of this team. With Karl-Anthony Towns, D’Angelo Russell and Anthony Edwards, there are reasons.

Nice reinforcement in Minnesota for the title!

But for a great team, which wants to compete for the title, you also need veterans, as well as players who can boost the bench. The front office has just carried out a great operation this Thursday evening, since according to Adrian Wojnarowski, Austin Rivers has decided to sign with Wolves. Precious at the Nuggets last season, the rear will relaunch with Gobert and company.

Free agent Austin Rivers has agreed a one-year contract with Wolves. Rivers played 67 games in Denver a year ago, where president Tim Connelly signed him for consecutive seasons.

Connelly, formerly with the Nuggets, is clearly a Rivers fan. The veteran is highly respected in this league, and no doubt the demands were there for the scout. He will ultimately choose the Wolves.

Minnesota Nuggets

Nice addition for wolves. My favorite to take it all.

Nice blow for the Wolves, who continue to strengthen in this Western conference. With this recruiting, not to mention Rudy Gobert, it’s clear Minnesota has what it takes to put on a show. It remains to be seen whether this workforce will get along perfectly. To be continued.

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