A nice dream of kids to realize like grown-ups

Once again as a curtain lever for the Top 14 final between Castres and Montpellier, the Gaudermen cadets of the SUA have the opportunity to make history by joining the titled Decron generation in 2014, before the Alamercery in 2017. Nearly Fifty years after the band of Charly Nieucel crowned in 1965 at the Parc des Princes, the friends of Mehdi Narjissi have a shield to bring back to Lot-et-Garonne. “This group is experiencing something extraordinary, rejoices Gilles Cochis. We did not expect this result at the start of the season. »

A state of mind

With only three defeats in the season (against Toulouse, in Colomiers and Aurillac), the young people from Agenais did not steal their place in the final. “They went to get it, insists David Tastet, the three-quarter coach. We are happy to accompany them in this adventure and to participate in the success of these kids. They satisfy him, it is the fruit of their labor. We also have the chance to pick up very well trained kids from the surrounding clubs. They are attentive and intelligent. When you take a group, you never know where you can end up. »

The mental and technical qualities of this group allowed them to force the doors of the Stade de France. “The game project was quickly executed, we were able to go into the details, that’s what makes the difference”, retired Gilles Cochis. The state of mind is an additional asset. It was forged in particular in the sports section of Chaumié where 70% of the workforce is internal and supervised by the PE teacher Mathieu Weiman alongside Cyril Lazaro and Lilian Chatelain. They are already vice-champions of France UNSS (16-28 defeat against a college in Perpignan). Inevitably, it creates links.

“Attached” kids who have the opportunity to avenge the Alamercery beaten by one point (14-15) by Massy in the quarter-finals, but also to forge memories that will remain etched in their memory for life. “Having experienced it in 2019, my only dream was to bring kids back to the Stade de France,” says Gilles Cochis. So it’s already won.

The sheet

SU Agen – RC Massy Essonne.
The group: Sébastien Darre, Enzo Dubourg, Elyan Duthil, Loïc Revol, Johan Mazet, Timéo Gayral, Antoine de Vincenzi, Jason Laporte, Lucas Barrau, Paul Lalbat, Maxime Cabarrou, Mehdi Narjissi (cap.), Romain Bats, Noé Pigatti, Noha Mourgues, Jules Devanne, Ethan Riche, Martin Roulon, Quentin Loichot, Paul Protin, Tom Menanteau, Théo Signori, Yanis Zine, Téo Becamel, Milo Delpech, Dzwan Vaque.
Coaches: Gilles Cochis (manager), David Tastet (three-quarters), Malik Djebablah and Jean-Luc Le Roux (forwards).
Course: 8e final: Agen – Valence Romans (36-22); quarter-final: Agen – Stade Français (26-24); semi-final: Agen – Gaudermen CD38 (24-15).
Course: 8e final: Massy – Tarbes (37-11); quarter-final: Massy – Ras. Usap / Catalan Country (17-16); semi-final: Massy – Toulouse (26-14).
Venue : Saint-Denis (Stade de France). Hourly : This Friday at 5:30 p.m.

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