A positive balance sheet at the Vic-Fezensac rugby club

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The Vic-Fezensac rugby club took stock of the past season: activity report, sports reports…

It was at the Goulin municipal stadium that the UAV rugby held its annual general meeting. In the presence of Barbara Néto, mayor of Vic-Fezensac, Benoît Desenlis, departmental councillor, Erick Darribeau, vice-president of the Gers departmental rugby committee, and a large audience, David Mercier, club president, a opened the session with a moving tribute to those who died this season.

This was followed by the activity report presented by the general secretary, Martine Darribeau. A general point was made on the various activities put in place and expected to be successful thanks to the work of the club’s volunteers: the pre-match meals at the stadium and at the Clos for the players, the two partner days, as well as the many balls and tea dances. The volunteers were thanked for their investment.

Sporty side

The sporting update on the past season was then made. Alexandre Vilon’s analysis of the Entente des Mousquetaires rugby school shows a significant increase in the number of players. After a good season, they also obtained very good results in the various end-of-season tournaments. Christophe Larrey then presented a summary of the cadet and junior season.

For the senior group, Vincent Carrère and Laurent Gallon took stock. The two teams have lived through a delicate “post-Covid” period, the II too often reduced due to lack of staff; despite the reinforcements of players from team I, it could not give its full potential but had a good end to the season.

The pennant team also had to suffer from the lack of manpower and a good number of injuries, especially in the fall, but the second part of the season was much more successful: it failed by one point from qualifying. In the end, it was a satisfying season, even if some regrets remain, at Vic against Val XV and against Esca. The report was adopted unanimously.

Didier Airoldi, Treasurer General, then read the financial report. Despite the additional expenses and a recovery of the means of affiliations (licenses) to the French Rugby Federation (FFR), the accounts showed a positive balance thanks in large part to aid from local authorities (town hall, community of communes and departmental council) . Sponsorship with panels at the stadium is on the rise thanks to the work of the partnership commission. The sale of membership cards is also well canceled, supported by the secretary general.

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