a professional firefighter dies in a diving accident, what we know

A preliminary investigation was opened by the Bayonne prosecutor’s office and assigned to the gendarmerie. Several hearings are carried out, some witnesses were heard from Friday afternoon. An autopsy has also been ordered: the victim’s body will be examined by the Bordeaux forensic unit.

The investigations must specify under what circumstances the professional firefighter dived, while he was not on duty, in one of the lakes on the route. The first elements would tend to settle that he was helping the golf team in its important work in progress. Golfer himself, he would have liked to lend a hand and would have found himself in difficulty at the level of a water evacuation.

Work in progress

On Friday, maintenance work was underway on the lower lake and the water level, which was quite deep, required the intervention of equipped divers. The Bassussarry golf course uses the rainwater indicated in its artificial lakes for its watering. These lakes are interconnected by pipelines.

The scene of the intervention has been protected by a rubalise from the gendarmerie since Friday.

Nicolas Mollo

Like all those who played that day, one of the club members noticed the presence of a fairly noisy pump truck and mechanical shovels this weekend. “I learned that a dredging was in progress. I saw a diver in the middle of the lake, he had feet, but water up to his neck. He waved at me. »

The president of the municipal golf course of Bassussarry, the deputy mayor of Bayonne Nicolas Alquié, was called to the scene around 3 p.m. He found firefighters, police and employees who gave the alert. “The whole team is in a state of shock as must be the relatives and the family”, he explained, Saturday afternoon.

Fellowship among firefighters

The victim had worked in the Saint-Jean-de-Luz rescue center for many years. A psychological unit has been set up to support his colleagues. The team was to receive a visit from the mayor, Jean-François Irigoyen, on Saturday. “He had been a firefighter for more than twenty-five years at the barracks of Saint-Jean-de-Luz and I send my sincere condolences to his family and his colleagues”, wrote the city councilor on Facebook at midday. . The head of the barracks, Captain Nicolas Brulebois, did not wish to speak.

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