A redone clay tennis court

Magnifying glass. A redone clay tennis court in La Loupe. The tennis facilities are being transformed in La Loupe. The municipality has just redone one of the three outdoor tennis courts, located in the Allée du Parc.

The work carried out by the company Pro Courts consisted of installing a synthetic clay tennis court on a porous concrete base, at a cost of €37,000.

Green spaces developed by the technical services

“This offers the advantage of having a more flexible floor for the joints of athletes and of playing in wet weather, nine months out of the year”, explain Jean-Jacques Glatigny and Pierre Boustière, assistant delegates for works and sports. on the Loup.

And to add: “It’s not really beaten earth but crushed brick. The first step was to glue a specific carpet under the covering over the entire surface of the floor. A technique that requires maintenance and regular watering. We also recommend the agents of the technical services of the City and Franck Chrétienne, its manager, for the work of laying a water pipe and the development of green spaces. »

With the installation of a new entrance door to the clubhouse and the extended outdoor terrace, the total cost of the work amounts to €41,000. Philippe Chanteloup, the president of the tennis club, which has 105 licensees, gives an appointment on Sunday July 3 for the internal final (annual barbecue).

Practice. Registration for the 2022-2023 season, Saturday September 3, from 2 p.m., at the Forum des associations. Contact at or on www.club.fft.fr/stadeloupeen.tennis.


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