A star swings: “Gays look at me as if they want to fuck me”

UFC (DR) / Daniel Cormier (DR)

The UFC is big fights, knockouts from elsewhere, but also ever more declarations wacky and improbable from the stars. For example, one of Israel Adesanya’s belt contenders released a mind-blowing tirade about his “love” for gay men.

In the world of MMA, being an excellent fighter is not automatically a passport to glory. It is obviously better to chain victories, it is the very essence of high level sport, but having a big personality can sometimes be more effective than impeccable technique. Conor McGregor has become a legend for his talent, obviously, but also for his extraordinary charisma.

And while some characters always make headlines in the UFC, few manage to combine high-profile entertainment and big performances in the octagon. This is what distinguishes Sean Strickland currently, who is on an impressive series of 5 victories, and who always takes the time to offer journalists exceptional quotes.

Sean Strickland explains why he ‘loves gay people’

Just before his fight against Jack Hermansson last February (won by decision), the American, for example, compared himself to a prostitute at the UFC because according to him, he does a thankless job that only a handful of people agree to do for a good salary. And during this same press conference, he also launched into a great speech on his relationship with homosexuals. His arguments are… quite singular.

Sean Strickland : When I make jokes about gays, I have to say that I really like gay men. They are great. Lesbians, on the other hand, are the least sympathetic, they hate me. They look at me like I’m the man who hurt them. But sorry I’m not that man, I’m not your father. But men look at me like they want to fuck me and I respect that.

You know they can’t stop giving me compliments, they’re always there DMing me on Instagram, once in a while I even get some penis pics. I sincerely respect their approach. So to answer the question, no I’m not homophobic.

Sean Strickland is considered the “madman” of the UFC, and this statement will not help his case. He may claim to love homosexuals, but his remarks about lesbians are quite daring for a public figure like him. What we cannot take away from him, however, is that he always expresses the substance of his thoughts, even if it means attracting the wrath of the public, and he always assumes.

Despite his recent loss, Sean Strickland could claim a title fight in the future, and the UFC would have no trouble selling this summit duel with Israel Adesanya as long as the american is entertaining in front of the media. He would be the villain, and he has everything to perform in this role.

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