A Warriors champion cracks on the Russell Westbrook file!

Russell Westbrook is the target of a lot of criticism, because of his failed year at the Lakers. Or, the brodie still has a few supporters across the league, who don’t hesitate to put their cards on the table. A member of the Warriors notably unpinned about him recently.

The more the days pass, the more the situation seems to worsen for Russell Westbrook. Catastrophic in 2021-22 with the Lakers, the leader had not however set up many people on the transfer market and his franchise had initially decided to keep him. Except that the exchange rumors have started again, especially since we are talking abouta consummated divorce between the leader and LeBron James. Hard to believe that he will still be among the Californians in the fall…

Of course, the news around the former Wizard is rarely positive, and it’s usually inflammatory comments about him. Or, all this is not really to the taste of several players, starting with Andre Iguodala. Already author of shattering words about Giannis Antetokounmpothe quadruple champion with the Warriors this time tackled the file of number 0, helping him to go through an equally scathing statement:

Andre Iguodala savagely defended Westbrook

It makes me so angry when I see all this news about Russell Westbrook… What do you really want to do to this man? What has he done to all of you?

If he is singled out for his style of play and his stubbornness, however, the Brodie is extremely respected and appreciated within the league. Bradley Beal and Paul George have been particularly rave about him in the past, proof that he has a good popularity rating among his pairs. That doesn’t erase his mistakes this season, however, and fans responded to Iggy by reminding him that this was the main reason:

” What did he do “

He ruined an entire Lakers basketball season.

Andre Iguodala is furious with the treatment of Russell Westbrook, believing the 2017 MVP would be treated completely unfairly. A nice gesture from the veteran, but it takes a lot more for the point guard to be left in peace. That he plays better, for example…

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