accident or voluntary act? An investigation has been opened

This Saturday, at midday, the mayor of Nuits-Saint-Georges Alain Cartron reacted following the fire which took place earlier in the morning in the premises of the covered tennis court, located avenue Chamboland in Nuits- Saint-Georges and which belong to the City.

Indeed, this Saturday around 6 a.m., a fire broke out in the premises of the indoor tennis court.

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“The fire broke out in the premises of the indoor tennis court, right next to the swimming pool. These are premises that belong to the City and we have filed a complaint because it seems that it was not accidental. An investigation is underway. at the beginning of the week, the gendarmes received several complaints for fires: the community of communes of Gevrey-Nuits thus lodged a complaint after a disaster in the points of voluntary contribution, just like a private company after another in barracks of building site. All of this is happening in the same sector,” notes Alain Cartron, mayor of Nuits-Saint-Georges.

And to affirm: “As of Monday, we are going to set up surveillance with the help of security guards, in collaboration with the intercommunality which, it, manages the premises of the swimming pool. We will also use surveillance cameras. It shouldn’t start again.”

Three rescue centers mobilized

The firefighters of the Nuits-Saint-Georges, Beaune and 2 Côtes centers intervened. Three engines had to be deployed, including the large scale.

According to our information, when help arrived, the roof of the building was engulfed in flames.

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