After LeBron, another Laker arrives in Drew League… and fails completely!

For over 10 years now, NBA players have loved coming Drew League rated, like James Harden and others. This summer, it was LeBron James who appeared, to the delight of supporters. Another Laker tried to imitate him this weekend, but the result was not the same. The fans themselves were merciless.

Back on the court a few days ago, LeBron James put on a show with a big performance in Drew League. With 42 points, we can be sure that the King wanted to please the supporters present, who were very numerous to admire him on a basketball court. A great success, even if not everyone can say the same. Another Laker lent himself to the exercise this Sunday, and the result is clearly not the same.

A Laker humiliated after his performance in the Drew League!

As announced on his Twitter account, Talen Horton-Tucker wanted to test himself in the Drew League, pending the return of the NBA. Little problem ? He didn’t really show off with just 14 points, all at less than 40% shooting. Fortunately, the victory is at the end with the “Hometown Favorites”, but if THT wanted to reassure themselves with their shoot, we can say that it was totally missed.

Talen Horton-Tucker today in the Drew League: 14 points, 6 rebounds, 2 steals, 38% shooting.

Even if it’s the Drew League, and in the middle of summer, it’s a very average performance for an NBA player. The stars are used to doing much better, just like LeBron. In the comments, netizens were quick to mock THT:

Is this player the Lakers want to trade for a star?

The first player in history to drop his value with a Drew League game

Removing it lowers its market value

No, Talen Horton-Tucker didn’t have a great game in the Drew League, and that’s an understatement. Not sure that his value will be impacted by such a performance, but the critics will continue to fire on the player, who is struggling to confirm his team’s hopes. There is still work.

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