after the water, the city of Biarritz cuts the electricity to the BO

FIGARO INFO – By registered mail, the municipality announces that it will no longer pay the electricity bill from July 18th. Date on which it will also cease to take care of the maintenance of the lawn of the Aguilera stadium.

Move of mercy. This Monday morning, at eight o’clock, employees came to cut off the electricity. Four o’clock pendant. The preamble to works decided by the City of Biarritz and announced via a registered letter dated June 14. Who warns the leaders of Biarritz Olympique that the municipality, a few months after having taken the same decision concerning water, will no longer pay the electricity bills of the professional club from July 18.

It is for this reason that the city has ordered these “network separation works and the activation of a dedicated meter”. The letter, signed by the deputy mayor Édouard Chazouillères, also warns the president of the BOBP, Jean-Baptiste Aldigé, that the upkeep and maintenance of the facilities at the Aguilera stadium (pylons, etc.) will also be at their expense on this date. -the.

Another bad news, probably even worse, for the owners of the club, the town hall is also putting an end to the maintenance of the lawn. Two municipal employees provided almost daily to cultivate the lawn, equipped with tractors and mowers, dedicated products. Specialist gardeners. The end of this aid – does not benefit the vast majority of Top 14 and Pro D2 clubs – will have a major impact on the finances of the club, relegated to Pro D2.

These two new decisions, which strain the BOPB budget a little more, bring the municipality a little closer to its unacknowledged objective: to get rid of the management team in place with which it is in conflict. She might reach it this time…


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