AJA-Reims, tennis, French championships … Our summary of the results of the weekend, in Yonne

Friendship correspondence. AJA 0-2 Reims (L1); AJA B 0-1 Reims B (N2).


“20 Hours” of Tanlay (15 km). The full ranking below:

Find the complete classification of the “20 Hours” of Tanlay 2022


French cadet/junior championships (in Mulhouse).

Javelin, cadets. Julie Olivier (UA Sens) 11th in qualifying (35.17m) and 5th of the final (39.29m).

Perch, cadets. Lucas Riboulet (ES Florentinois) 21st qualifications (3.90m).

4x100m, cadets. Yonne CA (Tristan Soula/Maxime Legendre/Lucas Riboulet/Theo Frontier) 3rd in his series (44”50).


French Elite Championships (in Riom).

Women’s recurve bow. Louise Botte (Brienon)20th in qualifying (594), 7-3 victory in the 1st round against Manon Berguin (13th, Compiègne), defeat 2-6 in the 2nd visit against Lauranne Desvignes (4th, Arcis-sur-Aube).

Men’s recurve bow. Antoine Barbier (Brienon)16th in qualifying (626), lost 5-6 in 1st tour against Arnaud Maroille (49th, Dijon); Valentin Corsin (Brienon)42nd in qualifying (605), lost 2-6 in 1st tour against Arnaud Cabaret (23rd, Compiègne).

Compound women’s bow. Elodie Kaczmareck (Brienon), 17th qualifications (656).

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Mixed double recurve bow. Louise Botte/Anthony Barbier (Brienon)11th in qualifying (1.220), lost 0-6 in 1st tour against Manon Royer / Iban Bariteaud (6th, Nîmes).

Double compound compound bow. Elodie Kaczmareck/Thomas Lamarche (Brienon)11th in qualifying (1,333), lost 148-153 in 1st tour against Mylène Bouteleux/Pierre Brisson (6th, Liffré).


Finals of the Chablis tournament. Helene Thalamy (15, AJA) defeats Mariam Bartolo (15/3, Dijon), 6-4, 6-1; Pierre-Baron (4/6, AJA) beats Cédric Pueyo (5/6, Saint-Florentin), 6-4, 6-0.

Maillot-Saint-Clément. Astrid Cirotte (-15, Orleans) defeats Hélène Kereselidze (-4/6, TC Lille), 6-4, 6-3; Vincent Thiel (-2/6, Châteauroux) beat Edris Terrany (-2/6, ES Massy), 4-6, 6-1, 6-1.


French Road Rally Championship, Dourdou Rally (3rd round). The Jovinian Bruno Schiltz 1st courses 1 and 2.

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