Alpha Kaba hospitalized after fainting in bank

Alpha Kaba was admitted to hospital in Podgorica on Wednesday after fainting in a bank in the Montenegrin capital.

The Buducnost Podgorica issued a worrying statement aboutAlpha Kaba. He indicates that the Franco-Guinean interior vanished this Wednesday, October 26:

“Alpha Kaba, felt weak and passed out today (Wednesday) during the day, and first aid was given to him. Kaba feels good and the first results are good. Our medical team will ensure that detailed medical tests are carried out as soon as possible. » goes into more detail, even sharing the video of Alpha Kaba joining the ambulance. At 12:40 p.m., when he finds himself in a bank, the former Hope of Elan Béarnais ” efell unconscious while waiting at the counterr”. “Eyewitnesses claim that at one point he simply fell on his back on the floor and hit his head against the front door of the office”, add the local media. These same witnesses then prevented him from swallowing his tongue and one of the employees woke him up by spraying his face with water. During this period, a member of the Buducnost Podgorica club accompanying him did not stop talking to him. The ambulance arrived 10 minutes later to take him to the hospital for tests. The director of emergencies, Dr. Nebojša Brnović, reassured everyone by declaring the basketball player out of danger at 2 p.m.

“He is currently in stable condition. His life is not in danger, but a complete diagnosis, neurological and cardiological, must be carried out in order to determine what happened to him. It will take time. »

Another fainting earlier this month

Basketnews reports that earlier this month, on October 2, Alpha Kaba had already passed out during training while suffering from pneumonia. He then missed the first two Adriatic League matches against Split and Red Star Belgrade.

Tuesday evening, the Blésois had accumulated 14 points and 13 rebounds for 24 evaluation in the victory of his team against the Greeks of Patras (95-89) in EuroCup.


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