Already terrifying, a massive UFC star has agreed to train Khamzat Chimaev!

Despite a big miss on the sidelines of UFC 279, having cost him his fight against Nate Diaz, Khamzat Chimaev remains undefeated within the federation. No offense to his future opponents, he could even progress even more thanks to a prestigious coach!

So far, only his dietary deviations seem capable of halting his mad ascent in the hierarchy of fighters. Weighed down by his weight at UFC 279, Khamzat Chimaev nevertheless extended his unbeaten streak there, which now stands at 12 fights. And while he just took a radical decision for the rest of his careerBorz could get a big boost soon.

The formidable Robert Whittaker ready to coach Khamzat

As it prepares to write a new page in its history, Khamzat recently enlisted the help of a big name on the circuit, namely Robert Whittaker. A flattering request for the middleweight star, and which did not go unanswered. In an interview with RJ Clifford and Din Thomas for SiriusXMthe Australian replied to Borz… that he would gladly agree to coach!

I heard what Khamzat said about wanting to fight the bad guys, and I want to be a part of that. If he wants us to train together, I’m in too, and that way we can go bad guy hunting together. I think it’s going to be really nice, and we’ll be able to afford the scalp of a lot of people.

The competition has been warned, and can already begin to tremble if this alliance materializes!

Indeed, thanks to his enormous experience and insane talent, Whittaker could offer Khamzat valuable advice to become even more formidable than he already is. He also has a very specific career plan for him, which would first see him challenge a rising star in the category:

It’s tough, but I think style-wise he matches a lot of guys in the division. Truth be told, I would love to see him face (Alex) Pereira. I think it would be a great fight for him, and it will open a lot of people’s eyes to what Pereira is capable of.

The Reaper is even more ambitious for his potential future foal, and hopes to be able to prepare him for a duel… against the middleweight champion, Izzy Adesanya:

I would love to see Chimaev take on Israel, just because stylistically there would be so many variables involved that it would make it exciting in my opinion. And on top of that, I could watch my new friend against two guys I want to knock out.

Cador of less than 84 kilos, Robert Whittaker therefore announces himself delighted with the idea of ​​teaming up with Khamzat Chimaev. A duo that could certainly make sacred sparks in the UFC, and which risks bringing terror to the division!

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