Amateur rugby: the big upheaval in the series

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No more Honor, Honor promotion and the first, second and fourth series! So, in which new level (and against which teams) will the Ariège amateur rugby teams play? The answers are here!

It was in the pipes since the election of the new team to the FFR, rugby “from below” will experience major upheavals from the next season. Some will see it as an evolution, others will remain nostalgic for the old system. Previously, amateur rugby clubs called “villages” were divided into five levels called series (Honour, Promotion of Honor, First, Second and Fourth Series). The new formula planes the past and proposes to move to three levels called regional (1,2 and 3). Reserved teams will only be mandatory in Regional 1. In Regional 2 there will be no obligation but the possibility of playing X, XII or XV. In Regional 3, there will be no championship organized for the reserved teams, but at the request of the clubs their reserves will be able to join the Regional 2 championship for teams two.

Regional 1, pool 1.

The locals of Andorra, Larroque-Bélesta, Tarascon-sur-Ariège will evaluate with Fleury Salles Coursan, Avenir Bleu et Blanc (Capestang – Quarante), Bédarieux Grand Orb, Mauguio-Carnon, Plages d’Orb, de Poussan, and the Foyer Laïque Haut Vernet Perpignan.

Regional 1, pool 3.

VAL XV will be opposed to Montréjeau, Lectoure, Avenir Massylvain, Vic-Fezensac, Côteaux de l’Arrêt, Magnoac FC, Maubourguet, Trie su Baïse and Vic Bigorre.

Regional 2, pool 3.

The Ariègeois of La Barguillère de Lavelanet, Mirepoix will be opposed to Hers Lauragais, Labastide-Beauvoir, Seilh Aussonne Fenouillet, TUC, Villemur Fronton and Coeur de Lomagne.

Regional 2, pool 4.

Foix, Lézat, Mazères and Villeneuve du Paréage-Saint Jean-du-Falga will face Carbonne Longages, Labarthe-sur-Lèze, Ramonville-Saint-Agne and Saint-Orens.

Regional 3, Pool 4.

La Tour-du-Crieu Verniolle, Le Plateau de Sault, le Kercorb, Bonnac, and Sainte-Croix meet Villeneuve-la-Comptal, Caunes, Sainte-Foy-de-Peyrolières and Villenouvelle.

Regional 3, pool 6.

Prat-Bonrepaux and Le Haut Salat will cross swords with Deux Rives, Lavernose, Montestruc, L’Isle de Noé, Ibos, Ayguette, Mardaing and Laloubère.

Beginning of hostilities on September 18 for all clubs.

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