An official non-racing franchise for scout Kevin Durant?

On the start for a few weeks already, Kevin Durant does not yet know when he will be traded by the Nets. The negotiations are laborious, suggesting that a conclusion is quite remote. Worse for KD? A franchise, strongly interested, is probably off now. A blow for the player, who wanted to go.

After just three seasons with the Nets, Kevin Durant should no longer wear this shirt, except in the unlikely event of a turnaround. However, we must not rule out any scenario, especially when we know that the trade of the star is at a standstill. The reason is relatively simple: Brooklyn wants to recover the biggest consideration in history to sell KD, which the teams recover refuse. A real status quo, which could go on forever.

Not only could the trade in question not happen before training camp in September, but it’s possible KD will still be a Nets player when the regular season resumes. A luxury that the front office can afford, the Slim Reaper still having 4 years of contract. They clearly have the advantage in the talks, which does not help the affairs of the opposing franchises.

Hard blow for Kevin Durant on the market!

This is the case for example of the Suns, who perhaps had a hope of recruiting the superstar, who just wanted to come. Only here, Phoenix made an important choice this Friday, as curator Deandre Ayton to everyone’s surprise. Results ? The pivot is no longer exchangeable until January, while it has the right to control its destination for a full year. For Brian Windhorst, it only complicates the race for KD.

“It closes some opportunities for the Suns who were there for scout Kevin Durant. »

Indeed, with Ayton, the Suns could consider a sign-and-trade. A way for the pivot to get his contract, but to strengthen another team in stride. Without it, Phoenix has almost no trumps. That doesn’t technically mean recovering Durant is impossible, but we’re not far from that version.

One window closes, but another opens

Kevin Durant at the Suns? Almost impossible with this choice of the franchise. But the front office absolutely did not want to lose Deandre Ayton, perhaps aware that recovering KD would be too complicated. One thing is certain: there will still be twists and turns in this case.

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