Angers SCO in shock after the death of two young rugby players, victims of stab wounds

The SCO is struggling to come to its senses. The Federal 3 club has just lost “two of his children”, as President Jean-Benoît Portier calls them. On the night of Friday to Saturday, three young men, aged 16 to 20, including two former SCO (Atama and Manolito), were stabbed during a brawl in the city center of Angers. A suspect was arrested and taken into custody, Angers prosecutor Éric Bouillard told AFP. At first, the latter would have imported young women before being repelled by a group of which the three victims will not have been victims.

“It’s simply dramatic, these are young people who have done their duty”, believes Jean-Benoît Portier. The leader of the SCO learned the news on Saturday morning and testifies to the emotion felt by this tragedy. “For the moment, we are in silence, in amazement, in respect for families. There are no words, we must above all think of their loved ones. »

“Hundreds of messages of support from the rugby family”

Cousins ​​of Toulonnais – and former SCO – Emerick Setiano, also of Wallisian origin, Atama and Manolito were known figures at the club. “They had done the rugby school here, then the youth pole. They had not resumed rugby two years ago after the Covid but we still saw them very regularly supporting the team or coming to the club house, they were part of the family. »

Since Saturday, the SCO has received “hundreds of messages of support from the rugby family, clubs, former players, I collect them and I will give them to the family”says Jean-Benoît Portier, who specifies: “We will participate in the tribute to Atama and Manolito on Thursday during their funeral. »

Emerick Setiano (6 selections) for his part posted this message on Instagram on Saturday : “Peace to your souls my little cousins. »


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