AS FAR/CODM (Men) and AS FAR/ CZVB (Ladies)

The finals of the Moroccan championship will be played this Saturday at the Mohammed V sports complex in Casablanca which, for many years, had not seen such sporting events. Unfortunately, the public did not follow during the semi-finals, we hope that this will not be the case this Saturday.

As a curtain raiser, it will be the women’s final between AS FAR and CZVB, followed by the AS FAR-CODM match.

This meeting of the men will be very decisive because it will be played between the defending champion which is the CODM and the vice-champion, AS FAR.

Yes, it is the same final of the last edition which returned to Meknassis with an immense joy to be finally champion after a long covetousness.

This time history is repeating itself, but in other valuable conditions with a CODM that is more effective than ever and an AS FAR very close to taking its revenge lining up a formidable formation in attack.

And also prestige obliges military players who are used to great coronations with three cup and championship doubles from 2017 to 2019 and from 2012 to 2015 also doubles but in the Throne Cup and Supercup, as well as other international titles well course such as the African championship and the Arab championship, without forgetting those in military championships. Such a club never gives up on its ambitions to always move forward.

However, if the CODM had defeated him last season, it is because he has the technical means. It will also be a confrontation between two great coaches: Moujoud from CODM and Mandali from AS FAR. May the best win.

The ladies’ match is unique this season because we don’t see the clubs used to playing in the finals, it’s without the FUS and the DHJ. The latter is defending champion and endowed with many consecrations was this season dismissed in the quarter-finals already by a young team from Tiznit.

This ladies’ final also presents us with a young team which has just reached Excellence, it is the CZVB of Zénata which has made a very serious itinerary throughout the championship, but will it succeed in becoming champion of Morocco, this which will be a feat never achieved, simply we will have to reckon with AS FAR, which will have missed the title the season sold, will seize the opportunity this time to play against a team which will only be blamed for one thing, that is is the lack of finals experience. We will follow this match with interest this Saturday.


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