Asked about the Kyrie fiasco, Kevin Durant attacks … Steph Curry

The Nets have everything to succeed, and yet, the controversies are linked at breakneck speed. With the approach of free agency, it is still Kyrie Irving who is the center of attention, since the leaders would hesitate to offer him a good extension... Asked about it, Kevin Durant once again talked about Stephen Curry.

Kevin Durant and the Nets are again and again in the heart of the news with a new controversy. As usual, it is Kyrie Irving which divides in the Big Apple, since the leaders would be reluctant to offer a big contract to the leader this summer… KD was questioned about this on social networks by a user who believes that he should feel in party responsible for the fiasco.

Kevin Durant questions the leadership of the Warriors!

I wonder what level of responsibility Kevin Durant feels in the brothel in Brooklyn, compared to his blind trust in Kyrie. Kyrie is negotiating his contract, that’s for sure. But is KD questioning his relationship with him or his choice to leave the Warriors for someone you can’t rely on? He was the best player at Golden State, but he wasn’t the alpha. He’s not like that. Will he give up the Nets, or will he help the franchise if Kyrie wants to leave? Changing the franchise would suck, he knows that.

Kevin Durant, still very active on social networks, quickly reacted to this question about the Kyrie file, asking what an “alpha” was. The answer of his interlocutor was simple: Stephen Curry, a player that everyone in the locker room adores, and that everyone wants to follow, which leads to good results. KD’s response to these compliments for the Chef was simple:

In big teams, players feed off each other.

For Kevin Durant, therefore, Stephen Curry was not the alpha male of the Warriors locker room, since everyone fed on the talent of others in the franchise. A fairly logical statement from the Nets superstar, who cannot say that he followed his leader like a good lieutenant. But at a time when Brooklyn implodes and Golden State parades, these words make people react.

Kevin Durant subtly stopped responding to the Kyrie Irving part, proof that something was up in Brooklyn. If the point guard packs his bags, it looks like KD will follow up quickly and ask for a trade. As a reminder, he signed with the Nets to play with his best friend…

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