Asvel wins easily in Monaco and will play a match 5 for the title

Cold snap on the Rock! While they led 2-1 and ended, supported by their public, on Wednesday, 40 minutes from the first title of champion of France in their history, the Monegasques missed this opportunity in or therefore had to play the fifth match, determining , on the floor of Asvel, unblinkingly victorious in this one-sided match, 68-85.

Surprises during the first quarter, ASM found themselves 9-22 on their floor in the Gaston-Médecin room. Transparent in defense, unable to hold the ball, clumsy especially in three-point shots, the Roca Team nevertheless managed to make up for their culpable deficiencies in the second quarter (19-19), in particular thanks to a two-man defense and an address found. But at the break, the differential was still 13 points (28-41).

Asvel have never lost to Monaco in the play-offs

The second part of this match 4 turned like the first to the advantage of the double champions of France, who dominated the third quarter (11-22) in the same way as they had engulfed the first. This lead of 24 points (39-63) before the last quarter was impossible to fill for the expiated Monegasques. During the last quarter, sure of herself, Asvel relaxed to let her opponent close the gap.

Victorious in match 1 (74-82) at the Astroballe, and match 3 (83-80) at home, but beaten twice and in particular this Wednesday evening, heavily and against expectation, Monaco will have to raise their level of play if he wants to put his name on the list of the Jacques-Bulot trophy on Saturday. The double champion of France, who has never lost to Monaco in a series of play-offs between 2016 and 2019, will have the advantage of the public and the field to make history with three titles in a row.


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