ASVEL Women still looking for a coach

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Looking for a coach for the 2022-2023 season, ASVEL Women could not hire Thibaut Petit, under contract with Kursk. The track leading to Olaf Lange has cooled. There remains the option of a renowned American coach.

Having decided to ask Pierre Vincent, ASVEL Women is looking for a replacement for him as head coach of their professional team. The club had drawn up a shortlist including three technicians: the former coach of Lattes-Montpellier, Thibaut Petit, the German coach Olaf Lange (50 years old) and an American coach.

Under contract with Kursk, where he will now be the No. 1 coach – Vasily Karasev having joined the men’s section of the Moscow MBA, which reaches the VTB League -, Thibaut Petit will honor his commitment and therefore cannot take up the post in Lyon. . As for Olaf Lange, he is engaged both with Chicago Sky, where he is the assistant of Franco-American James Wade in the same way as the future assistant coach of ASVEL Women Yoann Cabioc’h, and with the selection of Australia where he is the assistant of his wife Sandy Brondello (coach of Marine Johannès at New York Liberty). Only the former coach of Yekaterinburg, where he won the EuroLeague twice (2013 and 2016), should not be able to join ASVEL Women.

It is therefore the post of an American coach that seems the most serious because it is still relevant.


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