At 15, The Rock’s shocking physique before he started bodybuilding!

Dwayne Johnson is not only Hollywood’s highest paid actor, he’s arguably the most muscular too, thanks to years and years of hard work… But before he got that unique physique, what did he look like? ? The answer in pictures in this article.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, it’s not just charisma and contagious optimism, it’s not just a smile and a rather incredible talent in acting… For the very general public, The Rock it is above all a body. Indeed, the WWE legend spends several hours a day in the gym to train and maintain that ultra-athletic physique that made him famous.

The mind-blowing transformation of The Rock over the years!

But contrary to what one might think, Dwayne Johnson was not born with this Herculean musculature, he had to work a lot to get there. The question that arises is therefore: what did he look like before becoming this specialist in bodybuilding? Several photos of her youth have resurfaced on social media, and the transformation has been pretty crazy since then.

(credit: DR)
(credit: DR)

In the first photo, The Rock is only 15 years old, and he already has square and particularly impressive shoulders, but the contrast with the man he is today remains quite incredible. On the second photo he is 21 years old, he comes from the University of Miami where he played American football, and Dwayne Johnson seems almost a little “round”. In either case, it was impossible to guess that he would become the monster he is today…

The Rock had to suffer to get to where he is today… Not only in the WWE rings, but also in the gym, where he never cheated and where he spends many hours at the daily to get that monstrous physique that made him famous.

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