autific. Rugby: the 82 generation celebrated their reunion 40 years later

“Rugby is the school of life”, but it is also that of friendship. And what friendship! As proven by the great initiative of the “82” generation. It’s the story of a great group of friends born in 1982. What do they have in common? For having kept the SAA XV pendant alive for many years. They started as chicks for a few, and all ended their rugby career as seniors. They rubbed shoulders for ten years, fifteen years, almost twenty, for some, around the oval ball.


On Saturday, they decided to meet to pass the milestone of 40 years together. Surrounded by their families, their parents, a few friends and players with whom they walked the field, they shared a very beautiful day of friendship. Professional life in an obviously distant two or three, who live in the four corners of France, but they did not hesitate for a second to find friends, some of whom they had not seen for almost ten years.

To the good memories

A nice moment more than friendly where it was good to remember some memories. This wonderful group of friends made the heyday of the local rugby club, especially in the youth categories. We think of a title of departmental champion in minimal, a semi-final Midi-Pyrénées in cadet. But above all we remember their masterful epic in junior (only two defeats in the season), with a Grand Sud semi-final and a cruel elimination in the semi-final of the French championship in Ossun against Navarrenx after a 16-16 draw ( lost on number of tries), while the national title was in their hands. For some they know the consecration in senior with the shield of champion Midi-Pyrénées Honor. Suffice to say that there was a very fine generation of young rugby players who brought good moments of glory to the SAA XV.

Kévin, Romain, Sébastien, Nicolas, Martin, Pascal, Jean-Luc, Frédéric, Benoit, David and François have therefore crossed this milestone of 40 years together, with a day full of emotions. Time passes, but their friendship has remained unwavering. A great initiative, for a great reunion.

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