autun. The rugby school saw the 2nd labeling star

The ASA (Association sportive autunoise), the local rugby club, held its general meeting on Friday evening at its premises, rue des Pierres, under the chairmanship of Jean-Marc Chevrot. This annual meeting took place in the presence of Eric Marchand, assistant for sports and leisure, and Gérard Verdier, president of the WHO.

“We are going to renew the label. Our objective is to obtain the second star”, explains Jean-Marc Chevrot, who adds: “This requires having many educators per category. We are in the nails and it should be done. »

In addition, the club wishes to recruit an employee. “We are in the perspective of creating a job”, specifies the president. The qualified person will intervene in schools as part of the arrangements for school time, with the aim of developing rugby in the territory. »

Women’s rugby was also on the agenda. According to the president, “things are clear. We need to continue to develop women’s rugby.” As far as the men’s team is concerned, the objective is to finish in the first part of the Honneur de Bourgogne Franche-Comté championship.

Finally, on October 17, the ASA will celebrate its 170th anniversary in France during the 2022/2023 season.

The board of directors of the Autunois club, already rich with 23 members, welcomed 12 new licensees: Charlotte Aurousseau, Benoît Billard, Olivier Bondeau, Jean-Claude Chevalier, Quentin Chevrot, Sandrine and Laura Dechemardin, Anaïs Desvignes, Cyril Gendre, Fabien Letendard, Lisa Tacnet and Christophe Thibault.

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