Back to 1992 with the Dream Team in Basket Le Mag n°65

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Basket Le Mag returns to the 30th anniversary of the Dream Team in its 65th issue.

Here is the summary of Basket Le Mag n°65:

It was 30 years ago. Authorized for the first time to participate in the Olympic Games, the Americans of the NBA landed in Barcelona to defend the star-spangled banner, win the gold medal, mark the history of basketball, and that of sport in general.

They were called Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson or even Larry Bird, and together they formed the dream team. A dream come true.

30 years later, the editorial staff invites you to (re)immerse yourself in 1992, with a 40-page dossier dedicated to the Dream Team : his birth thanks to Borislav Stanković, his only defeat, his stay in Monaco, his match against Les Bleus, his dazzling aura, his heritage… Not to be missed!

The rest of the summary:

ASVEL’s hat-trick : TJ Parker’s men achieved a rare and remarkable performance. More than just a line on the charts.

Monaco lost bet : too many foreign players, not enough French players. This imbalance cost dearly in the final.

Blois in the elite : interview with President Paul Seignolle.

Bourges: “Let’s dream of winning the Euroleague! » Interview with President Agnès St Ges.

3×3: Les Bleues on top of the world.

The day when : we hear for the first time rumors of doping in the basket.


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