Ballhaus, or when basketball becomes an art

“Scroller” on Ballhaus’ Instagram account holds more than one surprise. Thus, we come acrossan arrogant LeBron Jamesdistorted and cerebral, like a self-portrait of Lucian Freud”, or “an afflicted Giannis Antetokounmpo, the flexible body weighted like that of a Jennifer Packer painting, Write the New York Times. Using images from the official photographers of the NBA or the WNBA, the two American national leagues for men and women, the Ballhaus account regularly posts photos of basketball players in action, harmoniously juxtaposed with those of works of art. renowned art.

Titled after a play on words between Ball and Bauhaus, the account with some 13,000 subscribers refers to the German current of design, architecture and applied art of the beginning of the XXe century. But it is not limited to a specific period.

A mix of work and creativity

Parallel match scenes and pictorial masterpieces making the originality of the Ballhaus stations, which each time give the references used. Like here the players of the Washington Mystics facing hieroglyphics from an ancient Egyptian tomb, or the American basketball player A’ja Wilson who goes to the basket on a red background, evoking a painting by Kandinsky.

Other juxtapositions tend to present basketball as pure artistic performance. the New York Times highlights the example of the movements of Jayson Tatum, flying over his opponents in the air in search of the basket, with the same grace as an Edgar Degas dancer. Thereby, “@b_a_l_l_h_a_u_s comparisons allow professional basketball to recognize this blend of effort and creativity, skill and artistry, technique and personality”according to the New York daily.

An art commentator

In short, Ballhaus opens up perspectives, welcomes the New York Times. “The strength of these images highlights, by contrast, that most sports media values ​​only a very limited number of qualities.” Exploring another facet of the game, it highlights the sensitivity, precision and technique of the players and sublimates their individual performances beyond the sporting criteria alone.

Stephen Curry, star of the San Francisco team, is thus seen as “sometimes flexible and agile, like the painting The Baker of Loïs Mailou Jones, sometimes very powerful, like the Two women on the beach of Picasso”Write the New York Times.

By discovering the Ballhaus account, we understand that the important thing in this sport is no longer so much to win, discovering the American daily:

Basketball, like art, is not counted in points or dollars.

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