Barely arrived, Ousmane Dieng traded; Nicolas Batum reacts!

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Expected very high during this 2022 draft, Ousmane Dieng did not disappoint, since he finished well in this first round of the draft. He is exactly in 11th position, but was traded in stride. The Frenchman at least knows where he will play next season, while Nicolas Batum has react quickly.

We were eagerly awaiting the draft in France and for good reason, Ousmane Dieng had the opportunity to position himself very well for the event. We can say that it is successful, since the Frenchman landed in 11th position! It was the Knicks who decided to take him, at the request of another team.

A first exchange for Ousmane Dieng!

Only here, the Knicks did not really want to choose a young person in this draft. They traded all of their picks, including Dieng, who will end up on the Thunder’s side at the finish. A rather ideal setting for the Frenchman, who will have the opportunity to evolve with a franchise in reconstruction, and with many young talents at his side for the years to come.

The Knicks trade their 11th pick to OKC, who will pick Ousmane Dieng.

The Knicks them, will recover three first rounds of draft in the batch, but rather well protected. As for OKC and Dieng, it’s a very interesting partnership. With Josh Giddey, but especially Chet Holmgren, there will really be a way to have fun. It’s all the harm we wish for Ousmane, just like Nicolas Batum, who reacted on his Twitter account:

Welcome to the Ousmane Dieng league! 🇬🇧

Nice place for Ousmane Dieng, who will have the opportunity to shine at OKC for the years to come. An environment that seems ideal for him, and Nicolas Batum is delighted by this news. No doubt, we will carefully monitor the performance of the Thunder next year.

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