Basket. Asvel play for the title at Astroballe

Asvel is still alive after its success this Wednesday evening in Monaco. In the Principality, the Rhone team was forced to win on pain of bringing home empty-handed and seeing the Monegasques celebrate their first title of champion of France.

Under the eyes of Tony Parker, seated in the stands alongside Thimothée Luwawu-Cabarrot, player of the Atlanta Hawks (NBA), the Villeurbannais did not let go from the first to the last minute. Above all, they found their address behind the three-point line (10/20). The awkwardness from afar had probably cost them the win in match 3, but the shot was corrected to the point of tipping the match at the end of the second quarter.

Ahead on the scoreboard thanks to a solid start (30-14, 13th), William Howard fired two award-winning shots, including one from 10 meters and 4 seconds from the buzzer. This stunt had the effect of curbing the enthusiasm of the Rocher club, which had come back to score after having aligned 9 consecutive points (30-23, 16th).

After the break, Lyon-Villeurbanne continued to bring down the then (5/7 at three points) and the gap had swelled at the end of the third act (63-39). The fate of the meeting was no longer too much of a mystery, but Asvel still had to be wary of Mike James’ recital (32 pts). Without consequence.

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