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This weekend, Kemper Rams coach (Pro B) Laurent Foirest received a nice message from his former player Chima Moneke. On the verge of committing to the Sacramento Kings in the NBA, the Nigerian strong winger with an Australian passport thanked his coach and his former team for having revived him.

Undrafted when he left UC Davis in the United States in 2018, his debut in Europe and more specifically in Rouen, in Pro B, did not live up to his ambition.

Cut after three games by the Norman club, he then bounced back to another Pro B club in Denain. But it was during the following season (2019-2020), with the Kemper Rams, that he took on another dimension.

A season of fire in Quimper

A spectacular player, endowed with phenomenal relaxation and intense activity, he formed with American full-back David Jackson and French winger Lucas Dussoulier a fiery trio that allowed the Aries to position themselves in second position in the standings. of Pro B before the cessation of competitions in March 2020, due to the pandemic.

Without this stop, the Rams could have obtained their ticket to the Elite, and Chima Moneke the title of best player in Pro B, with his 15.8 points, 6.8 rebounds and 1.7 assists per game.

Among the Kemper Rams, Chima Moneke was a crowd favorite. (Photo Nicolas Creach)

But this good season still allowed him to join the Elite in Orléans in 2020-2021, stepping into the Spanish first division in Manresa, the following season.

Awarded in Spain

Brilliant in Liga Endesa (elected in the ideal five of the regular season), Chima Moneke also distinguished himself in the Basketball Champions League, a competition in which he was elected MVP.

And at 26 and a half, he was able to achieve his dream, which was to one day play in the NBA. An objective that he already proclaims loud and clear during his visit to Quimper. And that he achieved in four years, despite a mixed start in Rouen, as he clarified in a tweet: an NBA contract 4 years later… crazy” which can be translated as: “to be cut at the After three games in the French second division during my rookie season with a salary of 2,200 euros per month to sign an NBA contract four years later, it’s crazy! »

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