Basket / Elite. The JDA Dijon in the 11th budget of the championship

Estimated at €5,550,000 for the 2022-2023 season, the JDA Dijon basketball budget has increased by 8% compared to last year according to forecast figures published this Wednesday, September 28 by the National Basketball League. Data reported for all Elite and Pro B clubs.

“A general increase in budgets”

With this sum, the Dijon club, used to playing the leading roles in the league in recent years, only displays the 11th budget (out of 18) in Elite. Indeed, the increase in budget observed in Dijon is far from being isolated. Behind Dijon last year in the budget ranking, Cholet and Paris are experiencing an increase of 29 and 28% respectively in their means.

And the League notes: “Like the previous season, the average budgets for 2022-2023 in both divisions are on the rise and are setting new records: 6.8 million euros in Betclic ELITE (+8%). […] As was the case during the 2021-2022 season, the evolution of the average budget of Betclic ELITE is mainly driven by the two clubs contesting the Euroleague this season, AS Monaco and Asvel, which present the two highest budgets in the history of the LNB with respectively 20.7M euros (+47%) and 15.8M euros (+5%). Apart from these two clubs, the division also shows a slight increase in its average budget, reflecting a general increase in budgets throughout the division. »

Figures which make the LNB say that “the impact of Covid-19 on club finances and the adoption of a certain prudence in budgets are outdated”.

The 5th payroll of the championship

On the salary side, it is an increase of 11% which is observed this season on the side of the JDA Dijon. Again, this increase is close to that observed in the entire championship (+12%). In detail, the Dijon payroll represents €2,014,000, or 36% of the club’s budget. And the study of the LNB to teach us that Dijon has the fifth payroll of the championship. Very far behind the leader, Monaco, is its €10,809,000!

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