Basket N1F. The girls of USBD Alençon on a cloud

Jade Philips has 27 points to her credit in this game. ©Sandrine Le Royer

After a successful victory in the Paris region against Franconville at the opening of the championship (85-59), the members of the USBD Alenconfor their home premiere, did it again by beating La Glacerie on a score, there too, without appeal.

They continue their unbeaten streak by winning their fifth game in a row (championship and preparation).

Soft start

Saturday, September 24, 2022, in The Louvrier candy box in Alençon (Orne), like a well-stocked basket and boiling like oil on the fire, Cassandra Vêtu’s teammates used the same ingredients as those seen the previous week and during the preparation to win: heavy, intensity, speed and fighting spirit.

“It’s a complete team. You will have to be serious. The match is going to be interesting, ”says Franck Hamon, general manager of Alençon a few moments before the match.

Especially since, for this meeting, the tactical options for Fayssal Rhennam, the Ornais coach, were increased with the return to the rotations of Lya Farcy, but not of Harouma Konté, still waiting for a federal green light to take on the Aloncon tunic.

Sarr is author of 20 points.
Bigué Sarr is author of 20 points. ©Sandrine Le Royer

And, if the game started slowly with a lot of awkwardness and with two teams standing shoulder to shoulder, it took another turn, not to say final, under the impetus of the American Jade Philipps who, by two winning shots , called in Alençon to widen a first gap (6-5, 5′ then 12-5, 6′).

And a second in stride thanks to an improved defensive stop in attack by Bigué Sarr (12-7, 7′ then 18-7, 10′).

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After a start of 2nd quarter draft, Cassandra Vêtu’s teammates make a second improved defensive stop (20-13, 14′ then 30-15, 16′) with again two award-winning shots signed Cassandra Vêtu and Jade Philipps to which 4 points from Bigué should be added Sarr.

UN third came full circle in the last quarter (49-39, 31′ then 58-39, 34′) with still Jade Philipps, helped, this time, by the young Lisa Cluzeau who returned a long distance shot. A 9-0 which definitively confirmed the success of the Blacks.

Joanny Martingoulet injured

A great performance against a formation relegated from LF2 and whose clearly stated objective is an immediate comeback, but tarnished by the premature exit of Joanny Martingoulet through injury. The first elements suggest that the cruciate ligaments of a knee would be affected.

Tonight, on the impression that fate was against us. Joanny’s injury disrupts rotations. It was a battle of warriors. The girls gritted their teeth because physically it was hard. They were smart and didn’t physically break down. They end the oxy encounter

Franck Hamon, general manager of the USBDA.

The objective of the representatives of the city of the Dukes “is to recover well for the Next game in Nantes. “A formation that the Blacks had beaten in a preparation meeting.

Next Saturday, in the Loire region, it will therefore be another story that will have nothing friendly about it.


Alençon – The Glacerie: 67-49 (32-25)

(18-7, 14-18,17-12, 18-12)

Referees. MM. Boivin and Moreau

ALENCON: Dressed 9, Cluzeau 3, Bounou, Farcy, Baudet, Agblemagnon 9, Sarr 20, Martingoulet 2, Philips 27. Coach: Fayssal Rhennam

THE ICE CREAM: Mendy, Coquemont 2, Kerbaul, Bakabadio 23, Bothier 4, Cadanio 7, Barthélémy, Nezerwa 6, Timbers 7. Coach: Johann Beauné

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