Basket. On the rise, the Quimper Najib Chajiddine will referee in Elite


What better recognition than that of his peers. At 32, the Quimpérois Najib Chajiddine has just been named the best Pro B referee by the High Level officials. A perfectly legitimate reward, when you know the stubbornness and professionalism of the Breton: “I think it was last January that I turned a corner. After the 3X3 European Cup final in Paris in September, I didn’t cut back to continue with the Pro B season on the 5X5. And, honestly, I feel good, confident, ”he rewinds.

“To whistle the final of the Leader’s Cup was like a recognition, adds the one who is inspired by his elders, Abdel Hamzaoui and Eddie Viator. When I go on the field, my shirt is a kind of armour. I try to stay calm and not overdo it. The referee is a facilitator of the game, someone whose name should not be remembered after a match. »

Breton locomotive

This philosophy in the attitude was as much due to his benevolent nature as to his hard work, developed when he was a resident of the Pôle Espoir Arbitrage in Saint-Brieuc: “The manager, Patrick Taffin, repeated to us at the I want a good referee to be a referee you can’t see. Then there is the nature of each. But, in the end, Patrick has done a hell of a job when you see the level becoming of Breton referees, “says Najib Chajiddine, whose accession to the Elite (ex-Pro A) will be formalized shortly, confirming the Breton locomotive that he represents for Jordan Wallet, Mathieu Thierry and other Hugo Journoud and Loïg Poullélaouen.

A great opportunity, too, in the perspective of Paris 2024: “I don’t just want to take part in it, I especially want to perform there”.

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