Basket / Pro B. With Badr Moujib, Saint-Chamond is full

Alain Thinet finally holds his group. After enlisting Ilari Seppala and Josh Ajayi at the end of June, all that remained was to settle the formalities to bring in Badr Moujib. This young 20-year-old interior, on loan from Limoges, played in Tours last season (4.5pts, 2.5rbds, 4.9 rating in 12.9′).

From the height of its 2.05m, it is a 4/5 position which completes the racket and completes the recruitment of the SCBVG. “He’s a young player who had me more in Tours, explains Alain Thinet. He is very active and quite versatile. He will be in competition with Hasan, Mathieu and Josh (Editor’s note: Varence, Boyer and Ajayi) and will have to get playing time. I will have an interior sector that may be more complementary than last year ” even forecasts the coach.

The now full squad is expected to train on August 10.

The team.- Leaders: Mathieu Guichard (34 years old, 1.88m, FRA), Théo Magrit (21 years old, 1.89m, FRA); backs: Jonathan Hoyaux (34 years old, 1.94m, FRA), Ilari Seppala (29 years old, 1.88m, FIN); pilots: Guillaume Payen-Boucard (32 years old, 1.97m, CAN), Kamel Ammour (31 years old, 2.03m, FRA); strong wingers: Hasan Varence (25 years old, 1.98m, USA), Badr Moujib (20 years old, 2.05m, FRA); pivots: Mathieu Boyer (26 years old, 2.09m, FRA), Josh Ajayi (24 years old, 2.01m, NGR). Trainer: Alain Thinet assisted by Maxime Nelaton.

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