Basket. Women’s Asvel knows their opponents in the Eurocup

The draw for the first phase of the Eurocup took place this Friday morning at the headquarters of Fiba Europe in Munich. The clubs were divided into two geographical areas, with in the first, Turkish, Greek, Polish and Hungarian clubs in particular. Asvel were seeded in Zone 2 with Euroleague play-off loser Villeneuve d’Ascq-Girona, Venice (Italy), Charleville, Friborg (Switzerland) and Braine (Belgium).

The 48 clubs qualified for the first phase are reversed into 12 pools of 4 teams and a classification determines the order of direct confrontations for the three qualifying rounds before the quarter-finals with the entry of the four Euroleague clubs reversed.

Placed in pool K, Asvel will face the Czechs of Zabiny Brno, finalists of the championship beaten in the final by USK Prague (0-3), the Spanish of IDK Euskotren in San Sebastian, quarter-finalists of the championship beaten by Girona (0-2), and the winner of a play-off between Montpellier, led by Valéry Demory, his former coach from 2017 to 2021 (dismissed a year before the end of his contract), and the Croats of Posega.

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