Basketball: a derby story that ends badly for Frontignan-La Peyrade

The Muscatiers lost 68-60 this Saturday, September 24 at their neighbors in Saint-Jean-de-Védas.

The basketball players from Frontignan-Lapeyrad came back empty-handed from the short trip to Saint-Jean-de-Védas, it’s worrying but confidence is essential.

After three days of the championship, the expected surge has still not been seen. Worse, the finding seems, more or less, similar to those of the first two defeats. The same small gaps discarded, the storyline varies only slightly. Even if Paul Valéry wrote “The same causes never occur and besides we can never know all the causes”, we are forced to admit that this famous third quarter becomes a problem. Just like that of the defensive withdrawal and the many lost balloons, if only in his conduct.

Confidence despite everything

Slobodan Ocokoljic’s men were at +6 at the break (29-35), a -12 (51-45) in the next quarter once again undermined the upcoming final. The numerous faults coupled with the Vedasian address to the free throws did not allow a return still possible within three minutes of the final whistle (-4).

The coach remains confident: “It will end up going the right way. The counter-attacks hurt us. Our response is both sluggish and a source of energy for the opponent. There isn’t much missing, the work will end up paying. The guys fought until the end and we were better in attack, all this is positive”.

In the meantime, the next match becomes crucial, the public will also have to respond. Rhône Sud Basket, a club which has had a success since Saturday, will be the next opponent of the FLPB in its room, by then the mobilization must be general.

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