Basketball: NBA player Evan Fournier in training in Ajaccio

Evan Fournier, basketball player playing in the NBA and selected for the France team, is training in Ajaccio until Friday. He gave an interview to France 3 Corse ViaStella.

Denver Nuggets, Orlando Magic, Boston Celtics and currently New York Knicks. Evan Fournier, 29, has been playing in the NBA for 11 seasons.

For the fourth time, the basketball player, also selected for the France team, is taking advantage of his summer break to train in Corsica. This year, he stopped in Ajaccio where the Creps opened the doors of his gymnasium to him.

Evan Fournier gave an interview to France 3 Corse ViaStella.

How do you find yourself in a very small Corsican gymnasium when you are an NBA player playing in New York?

It’s actually different from what I normally encounter in the United States, but I grew up in venues like that. I saw rooms like this every day until I was 15. For me, it’s just a kind of homecoming.

Is coming to train in Ajaccio a way for you to leave aside the pressure of New York?

Pressure is a very personal thing. On a way of managing differently. I’m someone who doesn’t do much on the networks and I don’t follow what is said. Whether on the positive or negative side, there are not too many external elements that affect me.

I have a very closed circle and I try to confine myself to that. It’s my way of dealing with all this a bit, because if you go astray and if you read what’s everywhere, that’s where you can quickly get frustrated and that’s not what I want. TO DO.

It’s the fourth time you’ve come to Corsica, you take advantage of your family and you train a little, is it a good way to restart the machine?

I really like. It goes back two generations, but I have Corsican blood in my family and I have family who live here. I really like this island, I especially like the slightly relaxed side. It’s disorienting for me to come here.

Me, I’m Parisian, so it’s very different. I really like to unwind here. This is the fourth time, each time we try to do a different conditioning. This is the first time we’ve stayed in Ajaccio.

How do you analyze your season personally and collectively?

Collectively, it’s disappointing not to make the play-offs with the squad we had. As an individual, it took me a while to adapt to a new role, but in the end, I was able to adapt well and I still broke two or three records along the way. It’s quite positive. After the important thing is to progress.

Is it special when you’re French to play with the Knicks? It’s a very prestigious team, how did you feel when you signed there?

It’s apart. You don’t realize how big this is until you set foot in Madison Square Garden for the season opener. It is a world apart. It is the most beautiful room in the world to play basket. There is a special energy there and being able to evaluate there all year round is a privilege.

You noted in Boston last year, do you regret not being evaluated in this team this year when we see the season they have just had?

Not at all because you never know how it goes. During the offseason, Boston signed other players and these players did not all finish the season. There are two or three players who have been traded. You never know how a season is going to rate. Mid-January, they were behind us, the Knicks. The difference between victory and defeat often comes down to very little.

We see you very active on your social networks regarding the next Olympic Games to be held in Paris. Does it matter to you to play such a prestigious competition in your country?

Yes, but honestly, I don’t think about it too much. It’s in two years, a lot can happen. I am really focused on the European championships. It’s a competition that we haven’t won since 2013. We have a good squad, we will be among the favourites. It’s already a good deadline.

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